Download and Install Crazy Craft Updated

In this Tutorial I will be showing you how to Download, Install and Play Crazy Craft Updated in 1.16.5!

  1. Download Curseforge: Curseforge is the main launcher for playing Crazy Craft Updated

Installing CurseForge is very simple and same as installing any other programs, so I will not be covering it.

2. Installing Crazy Craft Updated

Go into Browse Modpacks

Scroll down to Crazy Craft Updated Modpack or Search

Click On Install and wait till You Have Installed it.

You can play Crazy Craft Updated when you finish installing but it will not run smooth so I recommend Allocating More Ram.

3. Allocating More Ram to Minecraft

Open the Settings in Curseforge located bottom left of the launcher

Once You Open the Settings go to game Specifics and Click the Minecraft Tab

Scroll Down and Allocate More Ram

Any Questions please let me know.