Awakened Bosses 1.0.2

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Awakened Bosses 1.0.2

-Update 1.0.1

-Big Thanks to Sonic(from discord) for making amazing textures for this update
-Sonic has Made the Herobrine Minions (Reeker,Prowler and Mahva) he has also created Herobrine Armor and all of the items


New Additions
-Added Herobrine Armor - Stronger than Netherite
-Added Herobrine Sword and Tools - Only Herobrine can drop these
-Herobrine Now Wears Herobrine Armor instead of Netherite now
-Added Herobrine Block - Crafted with 9 Herobrine Ingots
-Herobrine now has a chance to Heals 1% Health every tick when Player is further than 35 Blocks


Blance Changes
-Mahva,Reeker and Prowler now have a 20% to drop a Herobrine Nugget
-Herobrine Minion Now has a 50% chance to drop a Herobrine Nugget
-Herobrine Now Drops a lot more Herobrine Nuggets(up to 3x)
-Herobrine has been Buffed a lot to make him a Big Boss instead of a Mini-Boss
Health Increased to 250 from 100
Increased Experience Dropped
Increased Attack Knockback and Speed
Can open doors if needed
-Herobrine Now gets Armor and Weapon Upgrades at 85%, 70%, 55%, 40%
-Herobrine gets Herobrine Sword and Armor Enchanted at 30% Health
-Herobrine Enchants his Sword at 20% Health


Other Changes
-New Textures for Herobrine Nugget and Ingot
-Added "Awakened Bosses" Creative Tab for everything in the Mod
-Making Netherite now also requires 1 diamond