Duckery 0.3

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Duckery 0.3

Update 0.3.0

-Nether Spawning Ducks no longer spawn, to get them now , you will have to convert them from a normal duck
-The type of duck which appears when converting is depending on the biome where you converted it at.
-Added Nether Gel - Made with 1 Magma creeam surrounded by 8  Netherrack - Used to Convert Normal Ducks into Nether Types

-Added New Ducks
Nether Ducks:
Quartz Duck - Tier 1 - Made in the Nether Wastes Biome
Blackstone Duck - Tier 2 - Bred from Netherrack Duck and Black Duck
Glowstone Duck - Tier 2 - Bred from Quartz Duck and Yellow Duck
Shroomlight Duck - Tier 3 - Bred from Glowstone Duck and Warped Duck or Crimson Duck

-New Descriptions on the Chicken items now show, how to get them
-All Nether Ducks are now Immune to Fire
-Added the Nether Duck Head to the Netherite Duck
-Nether Ducks now have a Gray Color in  their Spawn Egg instead of Green
-Fixed the Name for Creative Duck Strength Feed