Iron Fishing Rods Wiki

Iron Fishing Rods Mod adds Many New fishing Rods to the game and you can increase the amount it adds by adding different mods that have been added for compatibility to get their metals as rods in the game. This Wiki will go through the Base Fishing Rods and all of the Compatibility Mods with their own Pages.


Base Mod

Chaos Awakens

Other Compatibilities

Base Mod – Tells Information about the Base Mod without any Compatibility Mods

Chaos Awakens – Everything About the Compatibility , their information and how to craft them

Other Compatibilities – Goes through any other Small Mods which work with the Mod

All Rod Textures:

Base Mod Rods:

Iron Rod
Gold Rod
Netherite Rod
Diamond Rod

Chaos Awakens Rods:

Copper Rod
Pink Tourmaline Rod
Cat’s Eye Rod
Tin Rod
Platinum Rod
Ruby Rod
Ultimate Rod
Silver Rod
Tiger’s Eye Rod
Amethyst Rod