Mods Website Update


Huge Update for the website because now there are now Mod pages on the website and also now you can download all of the mods made by me here, this place will be just a backup of the mods and main downloads will be at Curseforge were I have uploaded my mods there and only There

Here is the link to the Mods Page:

Next Up I will be working on making a Wiki on Every Single Mod of Mine and the Wikis on the Website will get a Huge Update as well

Link for the Wiki :

Quick Note Only Mods under 2MB are currently downloadable through the Site and I plan to increase this later when I can find an option to.

Download All Mods through the Mod Page because only the latest version are downloaded from the Mod Page and the rest of the Mod Versions are downloaded from this Page :

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x