Awakened Bosses

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About Mod

Adding new Fun and Unique Bosses to the Game

So Far In The Mod:
1 New Bosses – Herobrine

4 New Minions for Herobrine

New Blocks for spawning Herobrine

New Drops for Herobrine (More Planned)

All of the Bosses in this mod get Stronger and Weaker depending on the Difficulty

I recommend you use JEI to see the recipes


How to Spawn Herobrine:

Herobrine Stats:

100 Health

8 Attack Damage

For Every 15% Health taken from Herobrine he gets stronger

slowly gaining full Netherite and enchanting it (Depending on Difficulty)

Spawns Minions(Amount depending on Difficulty) – After 75% Health – Doubles after 50% Health

Herobrine Minion Stats:

All Minions are 1 Hit Kill

Herobrine Minion – Normal Speed – Drops more Herobrine Nuggets

Prowler – Normal Speed – Explodes on Death

Reeker – Very Fast – Very Weak

Mahva – Flies and shoots dark projectiles

Extra Notes:

Minions for Herobrine were made by Sonic from my Discord (Prowler, Reeker and Mahva)

Sonic from Discord Play tested and helped solve bugs