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About Mod

Adds a bunch of new Ducks to the Game

Roughly Around 100 Ducks are added with this mod

Ducks poop Resources like diamonds, netherite and etc.

You have to breed certain type of ducks to get new kind of ducks

There are 6 Tiers of Ducks from Tier 0 to Tier 5

There are a few Tools to help with managing Ducks

Duck Tools

Duck Stick – Right-Click on Ducks to get Quick Stats of the Duck, Tier, Strength and Breed

Duck Stick – Sneak-Right-Click on Duck to see a more detailed stats

Duck Soul – A Soul Ball , Capture Ducks by Right-Clicking them with the Duck Soul

Duck Soul – Use Duck Items to place the Duck wherever you want to


There are tons of Ducks in the Mod (Around 100+)

Each Duck has a tier from Tier 0 to Tier 5

Each Duck has Stats such as Strength, Breed and Ducks and Feed

All of the Duck Stats can be seen through using the Duck Stick

All of the Stats are capped at 10 for balancing purposes

Creative Feeds can bypass this cap


Strength – Amount of Resources a Duck drops every time

Breed – The Frequency of how many times Ducks drop Resources

Ducks – Amount of Ducks can be bred from this Duck, Once full, Ducks cant breed

Feed – How Much Feed has been given to the Duck


Duck Feed – Gives a Duck Strength +1 and Breed +1

Duck Spawn Feed – Gives the duck +1 Ducks that can be bred

Mod Downloads: