Felsic Gear

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Felsic Gear Summary

Adds A new set of Armor and Tools Called “Felsic”

The Way of obtaining “Felsic” is simple, but End-Game

You can Upgrade Your Netherite Stuff by Combining it with “Felsic Ingot”

The Mod is very Straight-Forward with (hopefully) nothing Confusing

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How to get the Gear:

Go to The End Get Dragons Breath

Go to The nether Get Crying Obsidian

Compress Felsic Blocks into Felsic Ingot

Finally upgrade From Netherite:

Extra Info:

Use JEI for All Recipes 

There are 3 Advancements “Where is the Darkness”,”Compressment”,”Bow Down To The Ruler” 

Crying Obsidian is obtained From Piglins

Everything in The Mod


Youtube Tutorial By: Flammango