Grand Enchantment Table

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About Mod

This mod adds a new Block to the game

That Block is a new Enchantment Table , an upgrade to the Vanilla

Appearance of the Block can be seen in the Picture Above

Table Information:

There are 2 New Blocks added to make the Grand Table

Those are called Eco Wood and Eco Wool

The 2 Blocks are very tough to break

These are the Recipes

 The Table Recipe:

This table does not need any lapis or book Shelves

The Enchantments also have a chance of being Treasure Enchantments

Treasure Enchantments are like Mending

The Enchanting only needs Experience to enchant

The table is Very Empty when you have 0 XP Levels

You need These Many levels to see more Buttons

1 XP, 3 XP, 15 XP, 30 XP, 45 XP, 60XP

There are 6 Buttons in Total

Empty Grand Table GUI with 0 XP:

Full Grand Enchantment Table with 60 Levels:

Showcase : 

Ending Bit

If you find any bugs ,issues or want to give suggestions 

I am open for all of those

I also have many more Mobs, Click on my Profile to see them