Iron Fishing Rods

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Adds Many New Fishing Rods

Base Mod Fishing Rods being, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Netherite

These Fishing Rods can be crafted in many Different Ways, like and Upgrade Item or a straight upgrade

Each Upgrade Requires The last Tier to upgrade and Fishing Rod upgrades are use in Smithing Tables

This Mod has Compatibility with lots of Mods , some being Chaos Awakens and Better Fishing Rods

Better Fishing Rod Adds A Leveling System for the Rods and the Rods in this Mod work with that Mod.

The Mod has a ton of Things like Crafting Recipes which are available in the Wiki

Compatible Mods

Better Fishing Rods – Many Improvements to Increase Fun while Fishing

Book Fishing – Adds a lot of Enchanted Books to Fishing

Chaos Awakens – A ton of Rods from this Mod’s Metals are in the Mod

(More Compatibility Coming in the Future)

Mod Permissions

YOU CAN use this Mod in any Modpack

DO NOT Reupload this Mod on any Other Website

DO NOT Take Credit on this Mod as I am the sole maker of it

Click on the picture above, select plan(recommended at least 4GB), use my code Cursed to get 25% off your first month and enjoy playing with your friends!