Life Steal Enchantment

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This mod Adds in a Single Enchantment Called “Life Steal”

This Enchantment Steal the Life of the Entity attacked and gives it to you

Amount of Life Stolen is based upon the level of the Enchant

Weakest Levels Being “I” and the Strongest Level Being “V”

The Enchantment can be applied to all Weapons

This Enchantment can be obtained through normal ways like an Enchantment Table


Entity with Sword Gains Max Health of Hit Entity / 20  * ( Level of Enchantment )

So if you hit an enemy with 20 HP like a zombie you would heal 1 HP with  Level 1 Enchant and 2 HP level 2 Enchant

More Info

This Mod Pairs very Well with another Mod of Mine Called “Grand Enchantment Table”