Mutant Wolf

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About Mod

A new Mini-Boss called “Mutant Wolf”, 

Mutant Wolf is a Speedy Demon 

It has 150HP (75 Hearts) which is 50 More than the Golem, 

Mutant Wolf deals 10 Damage per Hit

Once Killed it has a Loot Table of Bones and Gold

Rare Chance of Getting Mutant Wolf Armor from killing

Mutant Wolf Armor is Better than Netherite in every way

+1 Armor +1 Armor Toughness and +1 Knockback Resistance

How to Summon the Boss

Spawning the Mutant Wolf is very Simple

You have to kill a wolf while holding a bone in either hand

The bone will be consumed and the wolf will spawn

The Wolf Will launch in to the Air to give you some time to prepare