Nether Ores Plus+

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This Mod adds 3 New variants of Ores in to the Nether , those being Netherrack, Basalt and Blackstone 

The Different Variants spawn in their own blocks anywhere in the Nether could a be Pilin Bastion and the Blackstone Ore Spawn there.

The Ores Drop Nethered Versions of the Ore Types like Nethered Diamond which needs to be turned into Diamonds by putting them in a crafting to get 1x Result 

More Info

The Netherrack ore is the most common and easy to find and gives from 1-2 Nethered Items when mined.

Basalt and Blackstone ores are a lot harder to find because they spawn in dangerous places like the Basalt Deltas, but the Danger is worth it because these Ores give you a lot more than the normal Nether Ores, These ores Give Over 3x More Drops and can be fortuned for even more

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