The Table Below has all of the information you will need ,also when I make more Modpacks , I will add them to the end of the list The Oldest Created Modpacks will be at the Top

Minecraft VersionModpack IconModpack NameCreation DateModpack DownloadModpack
1.12.2Too Many Mobs
(Ultra Hardcore)
Dec 26, 2018DownloadA pack which might just
be the hardest pack you will
ever play
1.12.2Biome Bundle ExplorerJan 27, 2019DownloadExplore the Biome Bundle
Mod with this pack
1.12.2EMC MakerFeb 2, 2019DownloadVery Fun Modpack has many
mods and also EMC is OP
1000+ Quests
1.16.5Crazy Craft UpdatedApr 4, 2021DownloadMy Best Modpack!
Crazy Craft in 1.16
1.12.2EMC Sky MakerApr 5, 2021DownloadEMC Maker but Skyblock
version of it.