Chaos Devourer

This Mod Page is currently Made by me and it will change once the Mod Releases to the Public

Mod Page

Chaos Devourer Mod adds a bunch of new items, features and mobs. This Mod Page will only be going through a small amount of the Mod and so you can have fun exploring and finding new Content yourself.

Chaos Addons Discord Server

Chaos Awakens Discord Server

Celestial Set – A Whole New set of Armor and Tools

Celestial Gear is 4-5x Stronger than Netherite, making it the strongest set in the game

Celestial Ores – There are 2 Different Ore Variants, One is in the Nether and the Other is in the End.

These Ores Can be smelted to give Celestial Nuggets for the Nether Version and Ingots for the End Version.

Celestial Armor – A look at the New Celestial Armor Set

Celestial Tools and Sword – Look in the Item Textures

All of the Celestial Gear is crafted like normal with no extra additions

Piglin King

The Piglin King has over 200 Health and Holds a Sword Dealing over 54 Damage and also drops the sword

Piglin King Spawn Egg

Midas Sword

The Piglin King Holds this Sword

Deals 54 Damage

This Mod should be Played with Chaos Awakens Get it from their website

This Mod is available for download on Chaos Addons Discord Server: DISCORD

Unofficial Download (Permissions From Owner)