Better Fishing Rods – Rods

This Mod Adds a ton of new Fishing Rods each with their own unique abilities. All of the Roads have a Leveling System in which after a certain amount of catches you will get an Enchantment Called “Fishing” and that Enchantment is your Leveling System and it goes up whenever you fish a certain amount. The Fishing Enchantment is very Powerful.

Leveling System Required Catches for Each Level

Level 0 – Level 1 = 10 Catches

Level 1 – Level 2 = 25 Catches

Level 2 – Level 3 = 50 Catches

Level 3 – Level 4 = 100 Catches

Level 4 – Level 5 = 250 Catches

The New Rods

All of the Rods can be Upgraded with a Lucky Pad to get the Lucky Effect which give you luck and time based on Fishing level.

All of the Effects are Based on the Fishing Level the Level of Effects is “Rounded(Fishing Level / 2)” so Fishing Level 3 Will give you Level 3 Effects

Slimy Rod

Gain Jump Boost (0:05 * Fishing Level) on Catch

Wheaty Rod

Gain Regeneration (0:03 * Fishing Level) On Catch

Coraly Rod

Gain Water Breathing (0:08 * Fishing Level) On Catch

Villager Rod

(1% * Fishing Level) Chance to get an Emerald from Catch

Golden Rod

Can Only be Fished with a 0.5% Chance

(1% * Fishing Level) Chance to Repair itself Also has a lot more Durability then other rods.